The Return of the Lost Lord

Chapter 1: Ianin

No Time To Celebrate This Year

Session 1

It is the time of the annual Ianin. Havan is filled with excited adventurers ready to showcase their talents. This may be the only time of year that Dwarves and Elves can associate without arguments ensuing. The Ashar, the precursor event to the Tiatril, has started and many new adventurers have shown great promise. The crowd favorite Larian, a noble born Elf who seems to have a natural attunement with the Arcane arts, has just completed the entire quest in little more than four hours. The next four have been called to make their way into the dungeon. A group of ragtag outcasts. The over sized Barbarian, Ug, does not even know the purpose of the task put in front of him. He just hopes for the chance to unleash his aggression on anything that stands in his way. Once through the doors, Richard decides they should get some formalities out of the way. Besides, he’s only here to show he can make it without full access to Arcane magic. The recently graduated Cleric of Pelor, Aria, can’t believe she has to work with a failed mage and a Neanderthal. The only ally she is looking forward to working with is the small Scout named Fonkin. Fonkin was almost caught trying his hand at the picking of purses, but quickly thought to jump up and sign the Ashar roster. The scout quickly takes lead as they walk down the hall to the first test. Paying no attention to the trigger on the floor, he is quickly remembered that he will need to keep his eye keen and mind sharp as he is showered with fire. While in the first room, everyone seems confused, as they do not see another passageway. After some time to assess the situation, Richard thinks to simply write in the ground, and they are able to move on to the next test. The next room poses an issue as it has been rigged with traps, and a large pit for the group to cross. They quickly realize they must cross the gap in order to move on. Ug sees that there is a small ledge above the crevice and attempts to tie a rope to his spear and use it to swing across. After a few attempts, he notices that his spear will not be able to support the weight of an individual. They discuss the situation for a moment, and elect to have Fonkin jump across, as he is the most nimble. He gives it his all, and narrowly makes it across. Realizing they did not think out the plan beyond that, they think again for a moment. They decide to throw a rope across to Fonkin so that he can use it to help the others. With quick thinking, Fonkin decides to tie the rope around the handle of the door. The situation quickly starts to get worse when Richard falls into the pit. The others think that he has fallen to a certain death, but are surprised to see a little ball of light appear in front of Ug. They quickly realize that he had actually fallen into a pit of magical darkness. While attempting to get him out, Ug falls in as well. While Aria and Fonkin are trying to come up with a plan to get them out, they hear a loud rumbling coming from the walls. Shortly after, a large hole is created with an Umber Hulk and several Orcs appearing through the tunnel. Aria attempts to cross the hole, trips and falls onto Richard, exhausting the last of his energy. Fonkin makes the jump with ease this time, and prepares to defend himself. When the Umber Hulk breaks through the wall again, Fonkin jumps back and tries to get back across the pit. This time, he barely misses and falls in as well. Just as they are about to meet their peril, a flash of light consumes the room, and the adventurers are overwhelmed with the image of a dragon. The four awaken in a large cave, unsure of their status. After a moment of investigation, they quickly realize they have been taken to a dragon’s lair. They had only heard about such dwellings in song and book. They are greeted by the mighty Feramah and his trusted companion Levethix. They are quickly eased with the situation, but still confused as well. Feramah makes sure they are comfortable and provides them with food and drink. When finished, he invites them to sit by the fire. He explains the history of the Great War between the Veryr and the Mairae. He also tells them about the coming troubles involving the possible return of the Mairae. Feramah tasks them with carrying the news to Daely, and request her assistance. As reward for their assistance, he gives each of them a magical bag of holding.


Sounds like the scout needs some fire repellent and a glass of seeing. Or just a grappling hook. Whatever happened 2 the talking stick and prejudice elf?

Chapter 1: Ianin

The sea can be treacherous… It can take ones life just as easily as ones mind.

Chapter 1: Ianin

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